The Spa is now open for Woods owners, renters, and guests who would like treatments.  Certain services like couples massage and hot stone massage are not available (check website for updates). We do require reservations and proof of vaccination to gain access to the spa facilities and services. We also require masks at all times unless you are in the pool or having a facial.


Covid-19 certainly has  challenged us all to life live just a little differently this past year. We hope that you have stayed healthy and happy. Here at The Spa, we are certainly looking forward to Winter.

Our mission remains the same to offer peaceful, Zen-like escapes whether you are here for an hour or a day!   As the vaccine distributions roll out nationwide and here in Vermont, we are starting to put together our plans for reopening. We continue to follow the CDC and State guidelines and there will continue to be enhanced safety protocols in place.

All visitors will still be required to make pool and gym reservations 24-hours in advance by calling (802)422-3105.  Guests interested in Spa treatments (massage, facials, mani & pedis) are welcome to call us now or to request a booking through our booking form.  Guests having treatments are welcome to use our pool and gym before or after their appointments.

All visitors 12 and older must be 2-weeks out from their last vaccination date and will be asked for their vaccination cards. We are also asking that all our guests bring and wear their own masks during their stay. Masks are not needed while swimming, but required when people walk around the pool area.

The Spa hours are Sunday 10am -2pm , Monday, 9am – 4pm, Tuesday CLOSED, Wednesday, 9am – 4pm, Thursday, 9am – 4pm, Friday, 9am – 4pm and Saturday, 10am – 6pm.  The pool and gym close 1/2 hour prior to the facility.   Winter Hours start Thanksgiving week.

We do have sneeze guards installed at the front desk, manicure and pedicure stations. Hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout the building and guests are asked to use them when they enter the building. The Spa will adhere to the CDC’s guidelines of 6 feet apart social distancing. All our staff wash their hands or hand sanitizing frequently, and special protocols are in place for sanitizing between every new client.  All surfaces are also disinfected throughout the day.

Similar to a year ago before we closed for the pandemic, our policies and procedures will loosen as vaccines are distributed and CDC and State guidelines are adjusted.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. gloxia 05/12/2021

    Cold comfort!

  2. Anne 07/26/2021

    Nothing like violating your civil rights and hipaa. The hospitals don’t even ask for proof of vaccination. Place is a joke.

  3. Peter W. 08/11/2021

    Thank you for asking for proof of vaccination. I support you 100% on this.

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