Ashley Briggs headshot 2
Ashley Briggs
Welcoming Host
Length of Work: Jan 2024

Professional background

Meet Ashley: Your Welcoming Host at The Spa at the Woods!

Education:  Ashley brings a wealth of expertise to The Woods as a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Maine, complemented by recent certification as a holistic health practitioner. Her educational background aligns seamlessly with the ethos of holistic wellness integral to the spa environment.

Introduction: Originally drawn to the spa industry by the joy of facilitating external transformations, Ashley’s journey has evolved to prioritize holistic well-being, fostering inner radiance that transcends the surface. At The Woods, she feels privileged to merge her passions with a community dedicated to nurturing the complete wellness of our clientele.

Experience: Since joining The Woods family on January 18, 2024, Ashley has found profound fulfillment in the tranquil setting. The opportunity to collaborate with kindred spirits, driven by a shared commitment to enhancing others’ well-being, is both enriching and humbling.

Inspiration: Her journey in the spa industry has undergone a profound shift, driven by a desire to empower individuals to feel their best from the inside out. Ashley finds immense fulfillment in guiding others on their paths to holistic wellness, facilitating journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

Favorite Services: Among the myriad of offerings at The Woods, Ashley’s heart resonates deeply with practices rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The intricate techniques and profound understanding of the body’s meridian system fascinate her, making acupuncture, Gua Sha, and myofascial release cherished favorites.

Personal Pursuits: Beyond the confines of work, she finds solace in the embrace of nature, often venturing into the mountains with her partner and beloved dogs. Skiing, hiking, and nurturing her garden sanctuary are cherished activities that replenish Ashley’s spirit.

Interests: In her leisure time, Ashley delves into the realms of holistic healthcare, continuously seeking to expand her knowledge and deepen her understanding of wellness practices. Whether immersed in study or reveling in the beauty of Vermont’s natural wonders, she find joy in the pursuit of holistic living.

Favorite Quote: “I am a miracle made up of particles; and in this existence, I stay persistent, and I’ll make a difference, and I will have lived it. Aloha Ke a kua.” – Nahko + Medicine for the People.

Client Recommendation: Ashley’s number one recommendation for our valued clientele is to prioritize hydration with pure, clean water and to engage in daily movement, nurturing the body and soul alike.