Esthetic Specialist
Length of Work: Nov 2023

Professional background

🌿 Meet Ashley: Your Dedicated Esthetic Enthusiast & Skin Care Specialist at The Woods! 🌿

Welcome to The Spa at the Woods, where every treatment is a step towards radiant well-being. I’m Ashley, joining the heart of this tranquil sanctuary in November 2023. With my esthetic expertise honed at Stafford Tech, I’m passionate about helping you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

🌿 A Journey of Care: Drawn to the spa industry by a deep desire to uplift others, my path led me to study esthetics, focusing on the art of enhancing natural beauty and promoting self-confidence. While I don’t hold a cosmetology license, my journey through cosmetology in high school laid the foundation for my hands-on approach to skincare.

🌿 Crafting Comfort and Confidence: The Woods isn’t just a workplace; it’s a realm of relaxation and growth. Surrounded by a supportive team and the spa’s enchanting aesthetics, I find joy in contributing to an environment where every client feels cared for and cherished.

🌿 The Art of Facial and Body Treatments: My favorite services? Facials and body treatments. These are where my hands-on skills truly shine, allowing me to deliver comprehensive care that leaves you looking and feeling your absolute best, from head to toe.

🌿 A Local’s Love: When I’m not immersing myself in skincare, you’ll find me at the Speakeasy Cafe, a delightful local spot that captures the essence of our community’s charm and warmth.

🌿 Life Beyond the Spa: My world outside The Woods is filled with joyous moments spent with my beloved pets – cats, a dog, and guinea pigs. I also find solace in coloring, reading, and the focus required for sport shooting, each hobby reflecting different facets of my personality.

🌿 Vermont’s Hidden Gems: For me, the heart of Vermont’s beauty lies in the Bob Brugmann suspension bridge and its surrounding trails. Whether it’s camping or swimming, I’m in love with the serene embrace of nature that Vermont offers.

🌿 A Quote to Live By: “You are all the colors in one at full brightness,” a line from Jennifer Niven’s “All The Bright Places,” resonates deeply with me, embodying the vibrant, multifaceted nature of life and the beauty in each individual.

🌿 Ashley’s Skin Wisdom: My top advice for clients? Never underestimate the power of sunscreen, proper moisturizer, and the right face wash. And remember, pause the retinol at least 1 or 2 weeks before waxing to keep your skin happy and healthy.

🌿 Ashley’s Invitation: Join me at The Woods, where every treatment is not just about beauty, but about nurturing your inner glow. Let’s embark on a journey to enhance your natural beauty, leaving you radiant in your own skin. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 🌿