Charlene Palfey
Massage Therapist, Skin Care Specialist
Length of Work: 8 years

Professional background

🌿 Meet Charlene: Your Holistic Skincare Guru & Esthetic Innovator! 🌿

Warm greetings to our guests at the Spa at the Woods! I’m Charlene, a licensed esthetician, and massage therapist, enriched with diverse certifications, including laser and medical esthetics, microblade, and micro shade techniques. I’ve been a devoted part of our spa’s journey for 8 years, blending scientific insights with holistic wellness to debunk industry beauty standards and redefine skincare.

🌿 Scientific Holism in Skincare: My attraction to the spa industry stemmed from a profound desire to guide people through their skincare journeys, offering holistic routines and habits, grounded in science, to nourish both their skin and their overall wellbeing. Custom facials are my specialty, tailored meticulously to meet each client’s individual needs rather than following a one-size-fits-all routine.

🌿Vermont’s Enchanting Outdoors: When I am not immersed in skincare innovations, you’ll find me paddleboarding amidst Vermont’s scenic lakes, surrounded by diverse wildlife and fascinating flora. The tranquil landscapes of the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) are my haven, representing the epitome of Vermont’s unspoiled beauty.

🌿A Life Beyond the Spa: Beyond the allure of paddling and the serenity of the lakes, I’m an avid gardener and an enthusiast of travel, exploring the myriad of cultures and landscapes our world has to offer.

🌿Charlene’s Skincare Mantra: Sunscreen is my number one recommendation for everyone. It’s the cornerstone of healthy skincare, a shield against the environmental elements, preserving your skin’s radiant essence.

🌿Crafting Beauty at The Woods: The exquisite aesthetics of the Spa at the Woods is my workspace, a place where beauty and science dance in harmony. It’s my pleasure to welcome you into this holistic sanctuary, guiding you through a journey of personalized skincare and wellness, where every treatment is a step towards holistic harmony and radiant well-being. See you soon!