Deidre Seeley
massage therapist
Length of Work: 2005

Professional background

🌿 Welcome! I’m Deidre, Your Healing Arts Connoisseur! 🌿

Greetings to all our guests at the Spa at the Woods! I’m Deidre, a devoted practitioner with a wealth of experience and diverse training. My journey in the healing arts began 30 years ago when a transition from PR led me to discover my passion for helping people heal themselves. I’m trained at the Ohashi Institute, a certified Ohashi Method instructor, and an educator in Biosonic Repatterning (sound therapy) from the Green Mountain Institute.

🌿Passion for New Modalities: I have a deep love for integrating new modalities into my practice. I find immense satisfaction in offering GuaSha for its effectiveness in addressing tissue distortions and Pulse Flow for its gentle approach, especially for those preferring less intense work. And, of course, reflexology has always been a favorite!

🌿Local Explorer & Learner: When I’m not providing healing services, you might find me at Choices restaurant or on my annual pilgrimage to Vermont Country Store, Simon Pierce, and King Arthur Flour. I’m continuously learning and honing my bodywork skills and self-growth, and recently, I’ve been enjoying learning to play the ukulele!

🌿Guiding Philosophy: A quote from the Shuar tribe of Ecuador resonates deeply with me: “Nothing is serious. But everything is sacred.” It’s a beautiful reminder of the sacredness of every moment and every element of life.

🌿Deidre’s Wellness Advice: Prioritize receiving some form of bodywork at least once a month. It’s essential for maintaining harmony and balance within your being.

I’ve been part of the Spa at the Woods since 2005, and I adore our beautiful facility, the fun atmosphere, the variety of our clientele, and my talented fellow therapists. Whether you’re here for healing, relaxation, or exploration, I’m excited to meet you and contribute to making your experience profoundly enriching and enjoyable!