Janet headshot
Janet Long
Welcoming Host
Length of Work: Apr 2024

Professional background

Meet Janet: Your Welcoming Host at The Spa at the Woods!

Meet Janet, our dedicated wellness enthusiast and seasoned spa professional. With a diverse background rooted in fostering holistic health, Janet brings a wealth of experience and passion to The Woods family.

Long history of fitness and wellness: Having honed her skills at Jack LaLanne Health Club and Spa, Janet served as an Aerobic, Yoga, and Dance instructor, imparting the virtues of physical activity and mindfulness to eager learners. Her commitment to wellness extends beyond the workplace, evident in her longstanding membership at a hot springs spa spanning over two decades.

Holistic lifestyle: Drawn to the spa industry by the profound impact it has on holistic well-being, Janet embraces its ethos wholeheartedly. For her, the allure lies in the amalgamation of health benefits ranging from fitness and meditation to the nurturing effects of spa treatments and balanced nutrition.

New place, same vibe: Joining The Woods team in April 2024, Janet found herself immediately captivated by the warm and welcoming ambiance fostered by both colleagues and clientele alike. It’s this sense of camaraderie and hospitality that keeps her inspired and engaged in her role.

It all begins with education: As a staunch advocate for personalized service, Janet finds joy in guiding individuals towards the right treatments to suit their unique needs. Her favorite aspect of her work lies in educating clients, empowering them to make informed choices for their wellness journey.

Local draw: Beyond the spa, Janet finds solace and rejuvenation in Vermont’s natural splendor. Whether hitting the slopes for a day of skiing, embarking on scenic hikes, or enjoying a leisurely coffee at Liquid Arts, she embraces the region’s offerings with gusto.

Active is best: During her downtime, you’ll often find Janet indulging in her favorite pastimes, including swimming, reading, and frequenting the local health club. And when it comes to recommending the quintessential Vermont experience to clients, she enthusiastically advocates for fully immersing oneself in the pool and fitness center offerings.

No truer words: In the words of William Shakespeare, Janet lives by the mantra, “To thine own self, be true,” embodying authenticity and integrity in all facets of life. With her unwavering dedication to wellness and genuine passion for serving others, Janet is a valued asset to The Woods community, enriching the lives of all who cross her path.