Maddie Thompson
Welcoming Host, Esthetician, Nail Tech
Length of Work: Jul 2023

Professional background

Meet Maddie: Your Skincare Enthusiast & Nail Tech
Hello wonderful guests of The Woods! I’m Maddie, and my journey into the spa world began at O’Brien’s Aveda Institute, mastering the soothing arts of esthetics and nail treatments. I first stepped into The Woods in July 2023, and it’s been a wonderful ride since, diving into esthetics in October 2023 and nails in April 2024.
Crafting Custom Beauty Experiences:
Why the spa? Well, it’s all about creating experiences that make people feel loved, relaxed, and well taken care of. My favorite? Custom facials! It’s this deeply relaxing and personalized service that helps you embrace and flaunt your natural glow, addressing any of your unique skin concerns.
Embracing the Vermont Vibe:
When I’m not at The Woods, I’m out there soaking in the beauty of Vermont! Whether it’s hiking the lush trails or living it up at Lake Bomoseen during the summer, it’s all about enjoying the vibrant, high-spirited vibe of this beautiful place.
Maddie’s Beauty Wisdom:
My mantra is, “Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good within your skin and embracing your own uniqueness.
A Loving Note from Maddie:
If you haven’t indulged in a custom facial yet, it’s about time! It’s this serene journey that sorts out your skincare woes and lets you bask in ultimate relaxation. Trust me, it’s an experience your skin will thank you for!
Finding Joy in Every Interaction:
I love being a part of The Woods because it’s where passion meets professionalism. The people here, both my colleagues and our lovely clients, make every day a joy. Whether it’s pampering your skin or sharing a smile, I’m here to make your time at The Woods truly unforgettable! See you soon on your journey to radiant well-being!