Nina Gee
Length of Work: Oct 2023

Professional background

🌿 Meet Nina: Your Zen-Inspired Acupuncture Artisan & Wellness Advocate at The Woods! 🌿

Greetings, wellness seekers! I’m Nina, your guide to an acupuncture journey that transcends the typical and taps into the transformative power of holistic healing. With a rich tapestry of education in psychology and acupuncture, I’ve cultivated 20 years of versatile experience, bringing the wisdom of ancient practices to modern spa luxuries at The Woods since 2023.

🌿 Blending Mind, Body, and Spirit: My academic pursuits at Rider University and TriState College of Acupuncture are merely the starting point. I thrive on crafting serene experiences that merge meditative tranquility with therapeutic treatments like Tui Na and Gua Sha, ensuring each visit to The Woods is a step towards balance and peace.

🌿 A Sanctuary of Serenity: Joining The Woods, I’ve found a haven that echoes my meditative spirit and commitment to creating Zen-like healing spaces. Here, amidst the calm, I contribute to an oasis of positivity and rejuvenation, embracing the gentle rhythms of nature and the nurturing touch of our compassionate team.

🌿 The Art of Healing with Master Tung: In my practice, I favor Master Tung’s acupuncture for its immediate, profound impact. My hands, guided by intuition and expertise, strive to deliver not just relief but a rejuvenating escape from the daily rush, allowing for a profound and rapid return to vitality.

🌿 Creativity and Community: Beyond the healing space, I express my inner world through art. At the Rutland Farmer’s Market, my creations come to life, inviting smiles and connections. Whether it’s crafting whimsical coloring books or finding treasures at the Greenbriar gift shop, my heart is deeply woven into the fabric of our community.

🌿 Pursuits of Passion: Away from the needles and herbal incense, I’m often immersed in the world of paper and ink, letting my creativity bloom alongside my love for reading and family adventures. Vermont’s literary labyrinths like Monroe Street Books serve as my muse, fueling my art and soul.

🌿 Nina’s Life Philosophy: Embracing the fluidity of joy in life is my ultimate counsel. I believe in the healing power of living with zest, urging clients to be like water—adaptable, resilient, and ever-flowing. This is the core of health, the essence of a life well-lived.

🌿 Crafting Your Personal Elixir at The Woods: In the heart of The Woods, I await to weave your narrative of wellness with my expertise, ensuring that every acupuncture point and each serene moment spent with us becomes part of your journey to a more joyful, vibrant self.

🌿 Nina’s Invitation: Step into our sanctuary to discover the artistry of holistic well-being. Here, your story of health and happiness is waiting to be told. I’m here, ready to begin that tale with you. See you soon!