Paula Pelkey
spa director
Length of Work: Apr 2023

Professional background

🌿 Meet Paula: Your Compassionate Spa Director & Wellness Connoisseur! 🌿

Welcome, cherished guests, to the Spa at the Woods! I’m Paula, the Spa Director here, holding a specialization in Integrated Therapeutic Practices from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. I’ve been weaving wellness paths with our dedicated team since April 2023, focusing on the synergy of whole health and well-being, enveloped by the majestic mountains of Killington.

🌿Journey towards Holistic Wellness: My journey in the spa industry is fueled by a passion for unveiling the profound essence of whole health and wellness to others. My education blended the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, and yoga therapy, allowing me to perceive wellness in its most holistic form.

🌿An Explorer at Heart: When the mountains are calling, you’ll find me hiking the myriad of trails or paddling through Vermont’s serene waters. The Vermont country store and Weston Playhouse are my favorite local spots to unwind and absorb the local charm, an epitome of Vermont’s rich culture and tradition.

🌿Living the Vermont Dream: Beyond the director’s desk, I’m an avid paddler and hiker, exploring the untouched beauty of our landscapes, embracing the tranquility and vibrancy of our environment. The refreshing mountain setting of Killington is my workplace and my sanctuary, a constant source of inspiration and serenity.

🌿 Paula’s Wellness Wisdom: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” – Zig Ziglar. This quote resonates deeply with me, reflecting the essence of our journeys towards well-being. My top recommendation for our guests is to stay hydrated. It’s the simplest yet most profound step towards maintaining balance and harmony within.

🌿Cultivating Harmony at The Woods: I’m honored to guide our spa in delivering personalized wellness experiences, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Killington. Whether it’s the serenity of a barefoot massage or the balance attained through acupuncture, each service is a step towards holistic beauty and rejuvenation. Looking forward to welcoming you to our mountain sanctuary of well-being!