Rhonda King-Clark
massage therapist
Length of Work: 5 years

Professional background

🌿 Meet Rhonda: Your Personal Healer & Massage Expert! 🌿

Hello, esteemed guests of the Spa at the Woods! I’m Rhonda, having completed my massage certification from White Mountains Community College. I’ve been a passionate part of this tranquil sanctuary since 2019, devoted to bringing comfort, healing, and enriched well-being to each one of you.

🌿Embarking on a Healing Odyssey: From the beginning, I’ve been instinctively drawn to the world of healing. The spa industry beckoned as it allowed me to make meaningful differences in people’s lives. Through the gentle art of massage, I aim to uplift both the spirit and the body.

🌿A Nature Enthusiast and Sports Lover: Vermont offers the trifecta of my favorite activities – Golfing, skiing, and hiking. It truly doesn’t get much better than this! Apart from these, you can often find me swaying to the tunes at concerts held at the Essex County Fairgrounds, another Vermont gem.

🌿Customized Massage Mastery: Every individual is unique, and so should their massage experience. This is why custom massages are my favorite. The belief that everyone can benefit from tailored massage therapy drives me each day, helping me create unique relaxation journeys for my guests.

🌿Rhonda’s Life Wisdom: “As soon as you are born you start dying so you might as well have a good time.” This quote reminds me to embrace every moment, find joy, and prioritize well-being. My top recommendation for everyone? Prioritize regular bodywork. It’s the foundation of a long, healthful, and vibrant life.

🌿Creating Magical Moments at The Woods: The Woods, with its elegance and flexibility, has been a dream workplace. Here, every day offers an opportunity to curate special wellness moments for our guests. Eager to meet you all and assist in crafting your individualized journey to health and serenity!