Veronica Dell
massage therapist
Length of Work: August 2021

Professional background

🌿 Meet Veronica: Your Personal Wellness Advocate & Massage Therapist! 🌿

Hello to all our cherished guests at the Spa at the Woods! I’m Veronica, a proud graduate of the Balance Massage School of Vermont in Waterbury. Since August 2021, I’ve had the joy of being a part of this serene spa, where I connect with wonderful clients, both locals and those visiting from afar.

🌿Crafting Wellness Journeys: What led me to the spa industry was the profound ability to assist people through diverse massage applications, be it for chronic pain, relaxation, or deep tissue work. It’s a versatile environment that allows me to deliver full-body treatments and relaxing deep work to open muscles and reset everything, both mentally and physically.

🌿A Lover of Nature and Local Gems: When not immersed in my work, you might find me indulging in Vermont’s scenic hikes, refreshing swims, and gardening adventures. A day at the farmers’ markets or enjoying a Guinness and a round of darts at the Long Trail Inn are some of my local favorites! Catching the sunrise from the top of Killington always feels like a magical experience.

🌿A Wellness Note from Veronica: Stretching is crucial! It’s my top recommendation for everyone. While we all can’t get massages as regularly as we’d like, stretching can prolong the effects of a massage, enhance our posture, and maintain our muscles/joints flexibility. Plus, starting the day with a stretch does wonders for our mental well-being too!

🌿Creating Spaces of Serenity: I adore the friendly atmosphere and the diverse clientele at the Spa at the Woods. It’s a joy to interact with each one of you, creating personalized wellness experiences and contributing to your journey of relaxation and healing. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing in your holistic wellness journey!